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Since last few months, I’ve been hunting for some audio equipment, to set my home hifi. But I do not like the hardware, which is produced nowadays. I’d like to have equipment produced in the ’90. As a teenager, I had the only ability to watch (mostly on photos) such amplifiers, CD players, tape recorders, and so on, and so forth.. It was VERY expensive, and almost unable to buy. Now it costs a none, and plays.. a heaven better as the modern, one-chip stuff.

I have SONY: CDP-561 (cd player), TC-W735S (deck), ST-S361 (tuner), and TA-F519R amplifier. All that powers JAMO S502 bookshelf speakers (since my bedroom is 3x3m). I’m very happy for that audio.

On the last weekend I had some time for my experiments. I was wondering, how wide frequency range would my audio be able to carry. I haven’t found any audio CD with recorded frequencies from 20 Hz to about 20 kHz. I had to create it by my self. Python was very helpful with it. Here you can find a piece of code, which can generate audio WAV files with requested frequency. If anyone will be interested in an audio CD with such frequency samples recorded, just give a hint in comments.

(sorry folks, my English is not perfect)

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